Regular Set/Overlay
American/French Set
Design Tips Set
Solar P/W Set
P/W Fill
Pink Fill
Solar Color tip
Shellac/Gel Set
Dip Nail
French Dip
Gel Manicure
Gel Polish Only
Gel Polish Only (French)


Basic Pedicure Only

Short in time we understand, our BASIC Spa will take care of it. 

Pedi & Mani Combo (Basic)

Which includes removing old polish, cutting, filing, push & trim-cuticle, bottom scrub without callus remover, lotion massage, and polish.

Special Pedi Spa Only

Our Special pedicure included all the basic, more enjoyable.

Pedi & Mani Combo (Special)
Deluxe Pedi Spa Only

Our Most selling Spa Treatment is right here. This includes all the above, to yourself with more.

Pedi & Mani Combo (Deluxe)

Choices of exfoliating massage flavor for your skin taste. This package includes with warm Therapeutic Hot Stone massage to relax the muscle. Next will be the flavor scent massage for the tire legs and feet, in the end, a warm Therapeutic Hot towel is wrapped around your legs to lock in the moisture. (Included arm/hand with Manicure combo) More Add-on is still available, extra choice of Navor plus above for Deluxe spa exfoliating are: 



*Tropical Citrus 


*Green Tea 


*Milk & Honey

Happy Feet Pedi Spa Only

Our next step up spa treatment for Luxury Feeling.

Pedi & Mani Combo (Happy Feet)
Royal Pedi Spa Only

Really want to Pamper yourself, all about YOU! Our Superior Line of Royal Spa Treatment.

Pedi & Mani Combo (Royal)

The All Inclusive Package. 

This Package includes All of the Above deals, Introducing BCL Certified Organic Exfoliating Scrub of your choices plus the above flavor if desired plus extra hand & arm massages not done just yet, this also includes the Collagen socks/gloves treatment which is pre-loaded with 16 mL of Vitamin E and collagen rich emulsion to penetrate and moisturize the skin. It improves the skin tone; diminishes wrinkles and fine lines with routine treatment, and also provides 98.9% UV ray protection. 

Manicure Combo will include Hot stone, Paraffin wax Collagen gloves, and Hot Towel.

Pick any flavor on our menu or Our BCL Certified Organic flavor choices below: 

Mandarin - Deeply penetrating nourishing age-defying, clear blemishes, soothes & moisturizes dry skin, and promotes healthy skin.

Lemon Grass - A natural antiseptic that treats skin blemishes, reduces skin damage, antioxidant inflammatory, relieves tension, invigorates, calms, and inspires. 

Royal Honey - A special and natural product that soothes and rejuvenates the skin. 

Cherry Blossom - a soothing agent to dry skin, moisturize and heal dry skin.

Shellac/Gel add
French Tip add
Hot stone/Paraffin Wax add
Collagen Sock/Glove add
Design add



Our BASIC Spa will take care of your basic need for your feet and toes. Which includes removing old polishes, cutting, filing, pushing & trim the cuticle, doing leg massage, and polishing any lacquer color.


Please pick your Scent:

*Pineapple *Roses *Lavender *Mango

Our Special Spa pedicure included all the basic have with before enjoyable treatment to your skin with the flavored exfoliating scrub and massage lotion scent. And yet ALSO included with Callus Remover Treatment for your healing and legs are wrapped around with cooling gel yet a warm towel to the end.


Please choose your Scent:

*Peppermint *Tropical Citrus *Cucumber *Milk & Honey *Tangerine *Green Tea

Our Most selling Spa Treatment is right here. This includes the Special Spa Treatment; on top to treat yourself with this package include warm Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage to relax the muscle from aching and tension. Warm Towel wrap around with soothing gel.


Combo Manicure $95

Please pick your Scent:

*Aloe Vera *Coconut *Milky Way *Pomegranate

This is Our Exclusive Luxury Spa Treatment, which includes the Deluxe Spa treatment. On top, its come with real fruit citrus massage application to help remove dead dry skin and open the skin pore for the exfoliating scrub and exfoliating lotion massage. Plus Warm Therapeutic Paraffin Wax application helps increase blood flow, relax muscles, decrease joint stiffness, and lock in moisture for the skin. Manicure combos include hot stone with paraffin wax and wrap with a hot warm towel.


Combo Manicure $105 

Please pick your Scent:

*Olive *Citrus *Pearl *Jasmine

This All Inclusive Deal includes the Happy Feet Spa Treatment. This Package comes with an individually sealed package of organic scrub & lotion cream with Pedi Bomb drop to help soothe your feet and relax the muscle while pressure points on the nerve of the foot. Also, we will top it with exfoliating lotion hand massage, and wrap it with a hot towel for your tired long working-hour hands. The Combo manicure includes hot stone massage and a collagen work glove with a hot warm towel wrap.


Combo Manicure $105

Please pick your Scent:

*Royal Honey *Cherry Blossom *Lemon Grass *Mandarin

Does your skin in need of quick repair? This is it! This Collagen Inclusive Package includes the Happy Feet Spa Treatment. This Package contains the most important essential product for your skin to nourish the Collagen Treatment. The treatment is pre-loaded with 16ml of Vitamin E and collagen-rich emulsion to penetrate and moisturize the skin. It improves the skin tone; diminish wrinkle with routine treatment, also provides UV ray protection. The combo manicure includes a hot stone massage and a collagen work glove with a hot warm towel.

Gel/Shellac polish add
French Tip add
Hot stone/Paraffin Wax add
Collagen Sock/Glove add
Cat Eye Polish add
Chrome add
Designs add


Callus Remover
Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage
Exfoliating Warm Paraffin Wax
Super Collagen Wrap
Extra Massage
Gel/Shellac Polish (Add On)
Gel/Shellac Polish Only
French Gel Polish (Add On)
Acrylic Removal
Gel/Dip Removal
Finger Nail Polish
Finger Nail Tip Polish
Toe Nail Polish
Toe Nail Tip Polish
Nails/Toe trim


Basic Spa
Basic Manicure
Special Spa
Special Mani
Deluxe Spa
Deluxe Mani
Happy Feet
Happy Mani
Cat Eye Polish add

CHILDREN (9 & Under)

Reg. Polish Only
Shellac/Gel Polish
Basic Pedicure
Regular Spa
Special Spa
Deluxe Spa
Happy Feet

(free simple design)

Royal Spa

(free simple design)


Eyebrows Dye
Under Arms
Full Legs
Half Legs


We Served Complimentary Drinks to all Customers (while servicing or just waiting)
We Offer Below

Water Boiler 

Coke, Diet coke 

Dr. Pepper

Diet Dr. Pepper 


Red Wine, White Wine, Blush 

Lime, Strawberry, pineapple, mango Margarita!!!

Please ASK, if our Technician forget to offer.